Thu Aug 20: Arrive at GAIA airport, coaches to hotel, ‘meet and greet’ at hotel bar at 5pm.
Fri Aug 21: Scrutiny at 5pm, welcome party at 7pm.
Sat Aug 22: RallySprint at noon, prize-giving party after.
Sun Aug 23: Ian Grindrod Invitational 20/20 Cricket match and Hog Roast at noon.
Mon Aug 24: Rally Recce.
Tue Aug 25: Rally Recce.
Wed Aug 26: Late scrutiny and unrestricted testing at 3pm.
Thu Aug 27: Rally briefing meeting and party at 7pm.
Fri Aug 28: Rally Recce.
Sat Aug 29: Historic Rally starting at noon (11.00am sign-on).
Sun Aug 30: Historic Rally official results posting and prize-giving on Jolly Roger pirate ship in Bridgetown Careenage at noon.
Mon Aug 31: Pack up cars to ship out.
Tue Sep 1: Coaches from hotel to airport for trip home.

Please email Vicki Cozier (vicki@huzier.com) for reservations to any of the entertainment, as they need to be booked and paid for in advance.

Note: Some dates are provisional and will be confirmed in due course.