2011 Historic Rally Carnival dates

Thu July 14 Arrive at GAIA airport, meet and greet at hotel bar around 5pm.
Fri July 15 Prepare cars in the morning, scrutiny at Bagatelle at 5pm, welcome party at 7pm.
Sat July 16 RallySprint at noon, prize-giving party after.
Sun July 17 Beach Party and Hog Roast at Noon.
Mon July 18 Recce (daytime activities available).
Tue Jul 19 Recce (daytime activities available).
Wed July 20 Rally briefing meeting and Party at Vaucluse Raceway at 7pm.
Thu July 21 Recce (daytime activities available).
Fri July 22 Recce (daytime activities available).
Sat July 23 Historic Rally starting at Hopewell at noon (11AM sign-in).
Sun July 24 Historic Rally official results posting on Jolly Roger pirate ship in Bridgetown Careenage at noon.
Mon July 25 Pack up cars to ship out.
Tue July 26 Coaches from hotel to airport for trip home.
Please email Vicki Cozier (vicki@huzier.com) for reservations to any of the entertainment, as they need to be booked and paid for in advance.