2011 Competitor Comments

“Greg, we absolutely loved the event this year but we feel the 12-day stay could be improved upon greatly by stretching it to 12 months!
Discovery Bay Hotel was very good and the staff was very kind, its location is ideal for access to rally headquarters, stages etc. Please keep us all in a single hotel next year, we feel that it is best for a more social atmosphere.
The hotel package with free breakfast each day was much appreciated and even more so the free bar ! !. The 15-stage format from noon to midnight is perfect; not too little yet not too much given the humidity and the heat.
To sum it up Greg we can’t think of a better place to go to enjoy the sport we love and also enjoy a bloody great holiday, thanks to the genuinely kind and friendly Barbadian people we met on our trip and especially those who cheered for the Quattro ! LOL !
The biggest thanks must go to you Greg and all the team involved in organizing the whole event { lock stock and barrels of rum ! } from all of us, super thanks Greg and here’s to next year! ”
Andy Allen; Ireland


“The Barbados Rally Carnival turned out to be one of the best rallies we have ever done.
..you would be astonished to learn that the whole package cost less than £2000.”
Neil Revington; UK
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“Thank you to the organisers of the Barbados Historic Rally Carnival for a truly amazing two weeks. The welcome was just fantastic and we were looked after so well. It was great to meet all the other overseas competitors and visitors and make new friends along the way.
Congrats to Darren and Eurig on the win - a great result considering you only met on the plane on the way out!! I managed to get a last-minute spin in car 3 with Francis Tuthill - many thanks Francis, we had a blast! Don't think there are many other rallies where you can stop on the road section on the way back to service for a refreshing coconut.
For anybody considering this event next year - GO FOR IT! I can honestly say it's the best holiday I've been on and to have a rally included as well, it's just ideal! We'll definitely be back!”
Llinos Jones-Davies; Wales


“A great time was had by Jim and myself on this wonderful island in the sun. We were all made to feel very welcome and supplied with copious amounts of rum, although neither of us drink alcohol you understand.
To Greg and Spencer and the rest of the organising team, thank you, thank you, thank you. All of you made this a truly memorable trip. Relaxed to say the least. I was so laid back I was almost horizontal....or was that the rum punch (that I didn't have, you understand). Indeed I was so calm and collected that I even donated a pencil to a Welsh person. This is totally out of character for me and will not be repeated.
We also made many new friends, and that always helps to make an event. Many thanks to Francis Tuthill for providing the car for us, it never missed a beat. Many congratulations to Darren and Woosh on the win. If only there had been another 26 stages then I think we would have pipped you.
Anyone who wants a terrific holiday in the sun with the added bonus of a rally, then Barbados is the place for you. Go there! Scottish folk will feel right at home because there are even men wearing kilts on the island.
Thank you to you all, organisers and fellow competitors. I hope we can all meet again.”
Ian Grinrod; England


“Pip and I had the time of our lives (so far!), every part of the trip was absolutely fantastic from arrival until our departure; the island, atmosphere, attitude, people, drink (I think I have dried out now!), etc.
Special thanks have to go to Greg and the whole team who organised such a great CARNIVAL, you should be very proud of yourselves.
It was great to meet all the overseas and local competitors and organisers alike who we now see as great new friends; hopefully we’ll be back next year to meet up with again.
Congratulations on a great win to Darren and Woosh against strong local drivers and our own British Champions McRae/Grinrod. And lastly from me, thanks to Pip for letting me go along for the ride, I had a BLAST!”
Jason Turner; England


“Thanks once again to Greg & his team for organising such a fantastic event, if not the best event that I have ever competed in.
I have made some life-long friends and hope to see all of you Bajans next year!”
Ian ‘Pip’ Coulson; England


“My daughter Nicole would go anywhere there’s motor sport but since Nicole was born my wife Jane prefers the comfort of our own home. For all of you out there unsure about taking the family on a rally holiday: Janes' words on returning to the UK were "that is the best holiday we have ever had".
UNBELIVABLE; a holiday with a rally in the middle of it and she says that! We made some great new friends and met local people, organisers and competitors who really do have a genuine love of the sport and know how to party...big time!
Big thanks to Woosh - word perfect on the notes. Coming from the modified Escorts he probably had time for a rum or two mid stage.
We all would like to thank Greg and all the team who gave up their time to make sure we had a ball! You know who you are; THANK YOU!”
Darren Moon; England


“My first rally ever and what a way to start!! I co-drove for Raj Jutley and when our axle casing broke midweek at small shakedown run EVERYone; locals and visitors alike worked their hearts out to help us!!
Whoosh, Pip, Jason, Chris, Tim, Greg, Geoff, John... the list goes on. We ended up with a reinforced super welded Russian tank of an English axle that actually finished!! Thank you guys!”
Nick Roubos; Greece