2010 Results and Report

Barbados Historic Rally Carnival

The Barbados Rally Carnival celebrated its tenth anniversary this year with an evolution to a Historic format for cars built before 1982. This is largely a reflection of the trend in Europe by "clubmen" competitors towards a more affordable form of rallying while still maintaining keen competitiveness.

Carnival Organisers stuck to the proven two-week, two-event format that has proven so popular with foreign competitors over the years, the remaining non-motor sport days filled with all kinds of social activities intended to make guests feel welcome and comfortable enough to compete while their friends and families enjoy the island's attractions.

Subaru International RallySprint

The first motor sport event was the Subaru International RallySprint at Bushy Park on Saturday, July 17th. While rain over the rest of the island kept some spectators away, there was very little inclement weather at Bushy Park and the action was hot from the first round of qualifying heats. A temporary RallySprint course was fabricated at Bushy Park by Vaucluse Raceway Motor Sport Club (who haven't yet regained the use of their St. Thomas facility due to ongoing planning issues) and both local and foreign competitors were trying hard to come to grips with the challenging course.

All involved in the Historic Rally Carnival were keen to gauge the performances of locals and visitors alike, especially multiple British Rally Champion Scotsman Jimmy McRae who competed in Classic Class five in a 3ltr Porsche 911 against a similar Porsche of Englishmen Francis Tuthill and local showman Andrew Jones in his 2.4ltr Escort Mk2. After three qualifying rounds the drivers went into the elimination heats for head-to-head racing; as it turned out, Jimmy McRae was bested by Jones who came out as victor in the quickest of the Historic classes. Jones also posted fastest time of the day among the Historics.

Classic Class four was contested by Graham Wilcock in his Opel Manta, Nick Cook in his Ford Escort Mk1, Greg Cozier in his Ford Escort Mk2 and Tristan Gibbs in his Toyota Corolla. Both Cook and Wilcock set fastest times in various heats but it was Cozier who set the fastest time in the last qualifying round and went on to win the heats for class victory.

Classic Class three was a six-way battle between Spencer Hutchinson in his Peugeot 205, Stuart White in his Toyota Starlet, Shannon Gibbs in her Datsun 160J, Bud Skeete in his Mitsubishi Lancer and Ryan Wood in his Toyota Starlet. Stuart White dominated the class from the first run and went on to take class honours.

Post Historic class One was contested by Ding Boston from the UK in his 1.5ltr Riley, Peter Brace from UK in his Renault 12 Gordini, Wayne Manning in his Mk1 Escort and Stuart Knaggs in his Toyota Corolla. While the Riley proved to be the 'Little Car That Could' against fierce opposition in the qualifying heats, it was Wayne Manning who came out as overall class victor in his Escort.

Karcher Summer Stages Historic Rally

The second motor sport round in the Barbados Historic Rally Carnival was the Karcher Summer Stages on Saturday, July 24th, the Historic Rally running at the back of the modern field and starting with car number 101. The first run over Turners Hall saw Cozier/Marsh go into the lead by a mere three and a half seconds over Jones/Foster with McRae/Roy one and a half seconds behind them. The leaderboard stayed the same after the second stage with all three drivers improving their times by about two seconds. The third stage over the long and fast Pickerings saw Jones and Cozier on just about equal times with McRae faster by three seconds in his Porsche. This constant battle at the top went on all morning so that by the dinner stop (and the start of the night stages) the top three were Cozier/Marsh by six seconds over McRae/Roy and Jones/Foster Just three seconds behind them "waiting in the slips".

The evening stages were the same as the afternoon stages but reversed, so by now drivers were familiar with the road conditions. The contradiction of night stages is that engines run better due to the cooler air but most drivers can't see as well and the road surface can cool down and lose grip; special stages run at night time always prove a special challenge. The Cozier/Marsh Escort maintained its daytime pace over Turners Hall and Pickerings but McRae/Roy and Jones/Foster both lost precious seconds in the dark to fall behind marginally.

The last special stage was Pickerings South and the only one contested under wet conditions. All competitors approached the stage cautiously, Jimmy McRae commenting that the 5th-gear wheelspin in his Porsche at a hundred and twenty miles per hour was "a bit unnerving". By the end of the rally Greg Cozier and Jamie Marsh had snatched victory from Jimmy McRae and Campbell Roy by twenty-four seconds with Andrew Jones and Jeremy Foster just six seconds behind McRae.

Subaru International RallySprint, Class results:

Post Historic 1 — Wayne Manning / Willy Hinds, Ford Escort Mk1
Classic 3 — Stuart White / Jason O'Neil, Toyota Starlet
Classic 4 — Greg Cozier / Jamie Marsh, Ford Escort Mk2
Classic 5 — Andrew Jones / Jeremy Foster, Porsche 911

Karcher Summer Stages Historic Rally Class Results:

Post Historic 1 — Ding Boston / Jahn Ingo, Riley 1500
Classic 3 — Stuart White / Jason O'Neil, Toyota Starlet
Classic 4 — Greg Cozier / Jamie Marsh, Ford Escort Mk2
Classic 5 — Jim McRae / Campbell Roy, Porsche 911

Karcher Summer Stages Historic Rally Overall Results:

1st, Greg Cozier / Jamie Marsh, Ford Escort Mk2 — 27:05:29
2nd, Jim McRae / Campbell Roy, Porsche 911 — 27:29:41
3rd, Andrew Jones / Jeremy Foster, Ford Escort Mk2 — 27:35:41
4th, Graham Wilcock / John Coates, Opel Manta — 27:49:94
5th, Nick Cook / Higel Hutchinson, Ford Escort Mk1 — 28:09:00

King of The Carnival:

The King of the Carnival prize for class performance throughout the Carnival was won by Stuart White; the organizers had this to say:
"The Andrew Phillips memorial King of the Carnival prize commemorates its namesake's huge efforts in raising the profile of Special Stage rallying in Barbados through the invitation of international drivers and cars to compete here. Andrew hosted drivers like Howard Patterson, Chris Birkbeck, Kevin Furber, Andy Elliott, Kenny McKinstry and others and in so doing raised the international awareness of Barbados rallying while giving the local boys someone new to chase; essentially laying the foundation for what became the Barbados Rally Carnival many years later.

The King of the Carnival prize is an exchange program; if a local wins they get an all-expense-paid entry to a foreign event which is consequently used as a promotional tour by Rally Carnival organizers. If a foreigner wins the prize they get a free entry back to the Barbados Rally Carnival. This exchange of people and ideas helps us promote and grow the Carnival and is the richest prize in Caribbean motor sport. This year we have an exchange arrangement with the famous Killarney Historic Rally in Ireland in December.

The King of the Carnival prize is based on class performance throughout the two-week Carnival. RallySprint qualifying, RallySprint heats, each route of the rally and Super-Special class results all go to the final score. This year the prize was won by a Classic Group 3 Toyota Starlet driven by Stuart White and co-driven by Jason O'Neil. We couldn't be happier with the outcome; Stuart is the ultimate representation of a club competitor; building and maintaining his own car and subsidizing the costs by working on other rally cars in his spare time. Stuart and Jason are looking forward to the trip to Ireland and we're looking forward to inviting Irish Historic Competitors here for the Carnival in 2011."